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In the gay old summertime………

Posted on: January 5, 2010

  I”ve been trying to decide what I wanted to write about today, I always have really, really good ideas right after I finish writing a blog, and then I promptly forget them when it’s time to write the next one.

  Today two things have been on my mind, gays and summer, and while deciding which to write about I decided they have a lot in common:

1. summer- better clothing choices, shopping with a gay friend- better clothing choices- because he will not let you out of the house looking like that!

2. summer- fireworks, staying up too late, drinking too much, hanging out with my gay friends- fireworks, staying up too late, drinking too much

3.  summer- ends too soon, gay friends-hooks up with that jealous new boyfriend and the friendship ends too soon

 Ok, so maybe not too much in common but I’m trying to work both things into this blog tonight because both are bouncing around my head. I miss summer, I miss my gay friends- see, one more thing in common.

 Seriously though, is it just me or are there LOTS more gay people in the world? Not that I’m complaining, except that all the gorgeous guys are gay but that is another story. I’m not homophobic or anything so I’m not offended or uncomfortable, I’m just curious.

 Not about that sicko, we all know how it works! I’m curious about the numbers. Are there (seemingly) more gay people now because there are more people? Like have the actual percentages stayed the same but the overall number grew?

 Or is it that we’ve finally become accepting enough for people to be who they are? At least once a week there is an openly gay child in my house. At least 50% of Mo’s friends are gay and the rest are bisexual.

 I can’t even imagine what it would have been like for one of the guys at my high school to admit he was gay. I know there is still way too much bullying that goes on when a child is “different”. Whether that difference is sexual orientation or height, hair color, race or any number of things, it is still hard to be different.

 However, there has been a huge shift and hopefully our children and their children will create a world where everyone is safe, no matter who you love or what color your skin may be.

  My darling daughter frustrates me so much sometimes but one thing that makes me so proud is that  she doesn’t see those differences. Granted we live in one of the whitest states so race really isn’t an issue, but she is not bothered by someone’s sexual orientation. Why should she be? It doesn’t affect her life, her choices.

 As for summer time, there is way too little of that it seems. As soon as it starts, it’s over and we are shopping for school clothes. I miss warm days, warm nights, sitting on the deck with friends, taking long walks, even doing yard work.

 I just had a thought, I’m going to be really upset if as the number of gay people goes up the number of summer days goes down. I’m sure there is no relationship, but it’s starting to look very, very suspicious!

  I guess I just wanted to say, come on summer time and gay friends, I love you both!


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